Beer caps to trade Beer caps to trade:

**I focus my collection on Canada, USA & Latin America**

  Due to shipping costs for outside of Canada:
An exchange with the
USA must be at least of 30 caps*.
An exchange with
ALL OTHER COUNTRIES must be at least of 50 caps*.
*Can be less if you have beer caps from countries that I'm missing.

I have some duplicates for most my trading caps.
I will always send you the cap in the best condition (not dented) first.

Please, send us the pictures of ALL of your doubles.

Newest additions (2022-04-10):


Canada (Quebec):

Canada (Maritimes):

United States:

Latin America:



Cork lined:

Bigger (33mm):

  Additions of 2020-07-29 (4 pictures):

SERIES AVAILABLE (against other series, old caps, cork-lined or new country)
Coors Lite 2019 MLB Teams (complete set of 31)

Labatt 2010 NHL Teams (complete set of 30)

Moosehead Tall Ships 2000 (complete unused set of 12)

Labatt Lite 2003 Canada Games (complete unused set of 19)

Molson Export Sport Helmets 2005 (complete set of 4)

Molson Export Sport Helmets 2005 (complete set of 4)
(Darker version)

Molson Team Canada 2002 (complete set of 5)

Labatt (Budweiser) 2000 NFL Teams (complete set of 33)

Labatt 1988 Winter Olympic Games (complete set of 16) *Special trade*

Dow 1967 Expo World's Fair (single caps)